HQ Updates | August 30th, 2017

Balance Notes – August 30, 2017

Here on War Heroes, we are always focused on making the game as fun and balanced as possible so all of you commanders can have fair and enjoyable battles.

This time around we focused on giving the players better offense options by buffing some underused options. Here are the changes:

Assault Jeep: The jeep is sometimes hard to connect to enemy bases, being easily countered. We gave it more life, and increased the charge time, to give more window of reaction while making harder to defend.

Health: 700 -> 800 Charge Speed: 2s -> 2.2s

Artillery: This siege card is unique and feels threatening to play against. But it is easily distracted, because of the time it takes to lock on the enemy base. We made a small tweak to change things a bit.

First Attack Load Time: 5s -> 4.5s

Barracks: The barracks gather a lot of riflemen together, being a good defense and counter push option. But because of it’s fragility the opponent can negate it with a lot of options.

Health: 700 -> 800

Tiger Tank: The bigger brother of the Cruiser Tank still is overshadowed, so we are making him a lot more threatening.

Damage: 150 -> 180

A.P.C.: The APC is getting a lot of love this time around, to make him the ultimate trojan horse it was meant to be.

Health: 2200 -> 2500 Damage: 20 -> 30

Cruiser Tank: The cruiser tank is getting another small change, to make some card interactions more balanced.

Health: 2200 -> 2100 Damage: 150 -> 155

Anti-Tank Cannon: With so many buffs to the big guys, the cannon is also getting a buff to balance things out.

Damage: 600 -> 700