HQ Updates | September 15th, 2017

Balance Notes – September 15, 2017

Here on War Heroes, we are always focused on making the game as fun and balanced as possible so all of you commanders can have fair and enjoyable battles.

This time around we reviewed some generals, because the game was too polarized for two of them (Fidel Kaer and George Pattoner), most visible on the top of the ladder.

Here are the changes:

George Pattoner: The Cruiser tanks will keep spawning every 60 seconds, but the first one got a delay of 20 seconds

Fidel Kaer: This General was deploying too many soldiers too frequently, being worth way more than any other general in a lot of situations. We changed the trigger frequency from 5 to 7 cards to keep him good on cheap decks, but not as good on average energy cost decks.

Joseph Shieldson (previously known as Quin Huang): His shields had the same HP for both tanks and seekers, which was a bit unfair. Now he provides a smaller shield (110 HP) on smaller troops, and a bigger shield (330 HP) on bigger troops. Vehicle sizes are now displayed in their card info, under the attribute “size”.

Tokubetsu Kamikaze: The kamikaze explosions from the helicopters were too weak, so we buffed a lot of their damage. The small explosions were increased from 60 to 140 damage, the medium explosions from 95 to 200 and the big explosion from 120 to 350. Flying vehicle sizes are now displayed in their card info under the attribute “size”.

Also, we improved the troops behavior on maps with obstacles and different paths, fixing some interactions on advanced warzones.