HQ Updates | October 18th, 2017

Balance Notes – October 18, 2017

New Cards

We are always committed to deliver a well balanced and fun game for every players to enjoy and have fair battles.

We think spawner buildings are a cool game mechanic, and the barracks deserves another similar cards. So we created two new buildings: The Helipad and Soldier Camp!

Helipad – Spawns Tactical Choppers every 7.5 seconds and disappear after 70 seconds.

Soldier Camp – Spawns Brave Soldiers every 2 seconds and disappear after 20 seconds.


Multiple Languages Support

We’ve translated and localized the game to some languages so everybody can have a better experience while playing. Due the complexity of this task, we’re always trying to improve each translation, and you can help us with that! If you find any odd phrase or if you have a better translation for an expression, let us know!

We are still working on other languages for upcoming updates, so stay tuned if yours isn’t here yet.