HQ Updates | December 1st, 2017

Balance Notes – December, 1st 2017

Greetings, Commander!

We are always focused on making the game as fun and balanced as possible for every player, from newcomers to veterans alike. In order to do this, we take several data sources into consideration, such as the game meta, player requests and historical accuracy.

All your feedbacks are relevant to us and we read everything posted on our social channels – thanks a lot for this! We want to be more transparent and receive more and more suggestions from our community and soon we will share our roadmap to show our plans for the following months and gather more insights. Also, we are planning to deliver a balance patch every 2 weeks more or less based on our data and inputs from players.

This time we looked over some really strong options on the game, while managing other cards for consistency.

Here are the changes:

Bomber Copter:

– Range: 3.0 -> 2.5

– Splash Radius: 2.0 -> 1.5

– Health: 3454 -> 3238

Taking out some Splash Radius + Attack Range will make a lot of ground defenses stronger and more viable against the Bomber Copter. The range now is the same as for the brave soldiers. This will make possible for them to attack the Bomber at least once before dying. The health decrease should also help destroying the copter before it fires another missile.


– Damage per Tick: 130 -> 108

– Duration: 12s -> 10s

– Tower Damage: 40% -> 25%

Napalms area x damage x duration made it too powerful and useful on multiple situations.

Now Napalm will need 01 more second to kill soldiers, riflemen, tactical copters and few other cards, while making it no longer able kill a sniper, and just barely killing the rocket launcher (must connect all 10 damage ticks).

Also the damage on tower decrease means that it only deals 270 on one tower, while before it was 622 (considering that all damage ticks would connect). This changes will make it less useful on several situations, while maintaining its capabilities of area control.

Tiger Tank:

– Range: 7.0 -> 6.5

The Tiger Tank has a lot of health, and a lot of DPS. We think it is fair given it’s energy cost, but his attack range would make it too hard to counter, because distracting it with buildings would often make your bases unable to attack it. Also, the trenches had a specially hard time against it because only one soldier would lock onto the tank.

This is no more. This small change should fix this few interactions.


– Damage: 2159 -> 2591

– Tower Damage: 40% -> 35%

This change on the Nuke will able it to kill the Sergeant on one shot, while keeping it’s damage on bases almost the same.

Bombing Raid:

– Damage: 1511 -> 1727

– Tower Damage: 40% -> 35%

Now Bombing Raid can kill the assault jeep, helipad and barracks on one shot, while keeping it’s damage the same.

Air Support:

– Tower Damage: 40% -> 35%

This change is just to keep consistency with the other support cards.


– Damage: 1079 -> 1511

This damage increase will make it be a better support on some pushes, while helping it to counter assault jeeps by almost killing them.


– Damage: 1123 -> 1295

– Splash Radius: 1.5 -> 2.0

The Artillery is meant to be countered by distracting it, but the splash radius increase will help it clip more troops, while the damage increase focus on able to make it kill a few things faster. This way it is a little harder to avoid it, while also being more dangerous to let it directly hit your bases.

General Tokubetsu Kamikaze:

– Small Troops Explosion Radius: 1.5 -> 1.2

– Small Troops Explosion Damage: 302 -> 194

– Medium Troops Explosion Radius: 2.0 -> 1.5

– Big Troops Explosion Radius: 2.5 -> 1.7

Tokubetsu’s explosions damage were too big, making it too hard to avoid the hit. The smaller radius should fix this, while the damage reduction on small troops explosions will make them no longer able insta kill soldiers. The Tactical Squad total explosion damage will go from 1510 to 970 making it no longer kill a rocket launcher only with the explosions.

*please note that all numbers are shown for: common level 11, rare level 8, epic level 5 and heroic level 1