HQ Updates | January 5th, 2018

Patch Notes – January, 05th 2018

Greetings, Commander!

We are always focused on making the game as fun and balanced as possible for every player, from newcomers to veterans alike. This time around we are making minor changes on several different cards, and a nerf to Warcry making him easier to counter. Next week we have a new card, so keep posted here!

Here are the changes:

Colonel Warcry:

  • Health: 3022 -> 2591
  • Morale Boost: 40% -> 35%
  • Morale Boost duration after troops leaves his effect area: 4s -> 2

This hit speed change will make the cannon a little less weak against crowds, but more importantly will make it able to hit one more time the tanks on most of the situations.

Tiger Tank:

  • Range: 6.5 -> 6

The Tiger Tank already took got a counter with the sledgehammer, but making this small change on it’s range should enable more counter play with buildings. Currently the tiger overshadows the cruiser tank and APC, but we think this will make the choice a bit harder.

Assault Chopper:

  • Damage: 216 -> 259

The Assault Chopper has a lot of health, range, and also has splash damage and flies. But he is underused because of it’s low damage output. This small change won’t change the card archetype, but will make it kill soldiers in 1 hit, and riflemen in 2.

Tactical Choppers and Tactical Squad:

  • Health: 389 -> 324

The choppers should be dangerous with high DPS, but fragile against it’s counters.


  • Damage: 130 -> 108

The riflemen are useful on most situations, so this damage nerf will make them less versatile while keeping the interaction with choppers the same (3 hits to kill).


  • Damage: 78 -> 65

The turret is receiving the same treatment as the riflemen, keeping the interaction with small choppers the same.

The Sledgehammer:

  • Speed: Fast -> Very Fast

The speed change will make him a bit more threatening, by arriving faster on his targets, and killing them sooner. The main moments this change will be noticeable will be against enemy sergeants or flame troopers.


  • Damage: 324 -> 259

Most interactions with the sergeant will stay the same, but with less DPS he wont be as useful to take tanks down, or deal damage to enemy bases.


  • Range: 4 -> 3.5

She only costs 2, and can kill a lot of troops with her splash damage and high attack speed. Taking a bit of range from her will make her less safe while killing enemy crowds.


  • Spawn Rate: 7.5s -> 7s

The Tactical Choppers are getting a nerf, but the helipad deserves a small buff. Spawning helicopters faster will enable more pressure while also deploying 1 more troops on it’s lifetime.


  • Damage: 367 -> 324

The biker arrives fast to enemy bases, and deals a lot of damage. This damage reduction will make it less effective while not changing any of it’s interactions.

* please note that all numbers are shown for: common level 11, rare level 8, epic level 5 and heroic level 1